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Digital Transformation:

With the ever evolving digital marketplace and consumers who are willing to spend more and more, traditional digital business models have radically changed. Many of the world’s biggest companies who traditionally would sell in stores, have undergone a digital transformation are now beginning to take their products and services to the digital marketplace.

Take Tesla for example. Whilst traditional Auto Traders would sell nationally via dealers, Tesla would sell directly to consumers via online stores. By doing this, they were able to cut out the “middlemen” and as a result increase profits.  At Berutis, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve similar results, and we would love to discuss with you the exciting opportunities we have, and guide you to becoming a successful business entrepreneur.

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Many digital businesses have undergone several business transformations and have operated through various models through the years. From our experience at Berutis, we have seen that the companies which operate using affiliate marketing structures, often gain a competitive edge. A great example of this is Amazon, who continuously run global affiliate structures, whereby affiliates can make between 1-6% per transaction for clients referred onto Amazon.  We would love to discuss the thrilling opportunities we can offer your business and guide you to becoming a successful online entrepreneur, utilising an affiliate model.

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